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She continued her career with the top Italian chart hits "E poi..." ("And Then...") and "L'importante è finire" ("It's Important to Finish"). [55] Each show was closed by Mina singing "Vorrei che fosse amore" ("Wish It Was Love"), a piece of atmospheric music by Bruno Canfora that was #50 on the best-selling singles chart for 1968 in Italy. [12] In a listeners' poll conducted in July 1962 in Germany, Austria, and the German-speaking portion of Switzerland, Mina was voted the most popular singer in the world. [40][41] Her next single, "È l'uomo per me", a cover of Jody Miller's "He Walks Like a Man", became the biggest selling record of the year in Italy. Mina - Ma è soltanto amore (1969) - Duration: 2:52. mister 2 note 989 views. [69][70], [9][10]Mina with Lelio Luttazzi (1969)===Grown up[edit source | editbeta]===, Mina introduced her new sensual manner[42] in her presentation of the ballad "Il cielo in una stanza" in 1960. Her second spouse was Virgilio Crocco, a journalist for Il Messaggero, in 1970. At the 1961 Sanremo song festival, Mina performed two songs. Les meilleures offres pour STOP 1001/1967 MINA MARTELLI DALIDA LUIGI TENCO MAZZOLA MARGARET LEE DORELLI sont sur eBay Comparez les prix et les spécificités des produits neufs et d'occasion Pleins d'articles en livraison gratuite! A number of Mina's songs were turned into hits by singers in other languages: To celebrate Mina's 70th anniversary, the la Repubblica newspaper held a reader's poll to pick Mina's best song of all time. The next year, when Mina took part in the Festival della canzone italiana in Sanremo with two songs, she turned to slow emotional love songs for the first time. The successes encouraged Enrico Riccardi to copy Battisti's style in Riccardi's composition "Fiume azzurro", which earned another place in the top 100 of annual record sales in Italy. One of the highlights of the series was a selection of Battisti's songs performed in duet with the composer. The singer combined classic Italian pop with elements of blues, R&B and soul music during the late 1960s,[18] especially when she worked in collaboration with composer Lucio Battisti. [50] The program presented Mina's homage to Luigi Tenco, who had recently died. Augusto Martelli (15 March 1940 – 3 November 2014) was an Italian composer, conductor, arranger and television personality. In a vote of 30,000 participants, "Se telefonando" emerged at the top of the list.[83]. [8], In performance, Mina combined several modern styles with traditional Italian melodies and swing music, which made her the most versatile pop singer in Italian music. Crocco died in a car accident in 1973. FORMAT 33rpm 12' LP. Featured New Releases ... Mina: Arranger : 2013 : The Ecstasy of Gold: 23 Killer Bullets from the Spaghetti West, Vol. The material provided by Mogol-Battisti was the core for five albums. [36] The presentation of her German single "Heißer Sand" on 12 March 1962 on Peter Kraus's TV show caused a boom of 40,000 record sales in ten days in Germany. Mina gave her last public performance on 23 August 1978 at the Bussoladomani theatre. Augusto Martelli wrote Una mezza dozzina di rose, Djamballà, Proposta, So che non è così and other songs. [60], The final number of the eight Teatro 10 episodes was "Parole parole" ("Words Words"), a duet with Alberto Lupo. The lyrics talk about the manic attention of the press on an artist's private life. ... Djamballà {1971} * Augusto Martelli - Duration: 4:39. BLACK SOUND FROM WHITE PEOPLE by Augusto Martelli, released 21 September 2020 Sounds Sonor Music Editions is happy to launch the first official vinyl reissue of one of the finest and sought-after Latin Jazz albums ever made in Italy in the 1970s - "BLACK SOUND FROM WHITE PEOPLE" by the prince of Italian Funk, Augusto Martelli. A year later she and her father moved to Lugano, Switzerland. Spanish artist Mónica Naranjo recorded the album Minage with Mina's covers in Spanish, published on 20 March 1999. [20] "Niente di niente" ("Nothing at All") was her version of the Delfonics' "Break Your Promise". He had copied the snippet of melody from the siren of a police car in Marseilles. Mina - I miti. Mina continued to perform on Italian TV, and presented "Zum zum zum" on the spring 1967 variety series Sabato sera, accompanied by the NATO naval band. bulgare S,R Ondagordanto. 0. Thus, her non-conformist choices represented the emancipation of women in Italy, which did not accord with the dominant Catholic and bourgeois virtues prevalent at the time. Less than a month after the breakup with her previous band, Mina co-founded a new group called Solitari, which consisted of a singer, a saxophonist, a pianist, a contrabassist, and a guitarist. mina alla bussola dal vivo lp nuovo pdu a 5002. mina ridi pagliaccio lp doppio pdu 7062 sigillato. Find the song lyrics for Augusto Martelli - Top Tracks. It was the fifth biggest selling album of the year in Italy. In 1963 Mina's TV and radio career was interrupted by RAI, the Italian public broadcasting service, as she refused to cover up her relationship (and resulting pregnancy) with the married actor Corrado Pani. [21] After finishing high school in 1958, she attended college where she majored in accounting. [61], Mina said she would be retiring from public appearances after an exclusive concert at the La Bussola Club on 16 September. Simultaneously, "Be Bop A Lula"/"When" was issued under the name Baby Gate for the international audience. [19] Their daughter Benedetta Mazzini was born on 11 November 1971. 0. Although not appearing live, she opened and closed the 2009 national Sanremo festival with her version of the Puccini opera aria "Nessun dorma". La Capannina Di Franceschi 1929 - 1979 Cinquantenario Augusto Martelli & Piero Cotto. Matrix / Runout (Runout Side B Etched): RR 821/50 D.M. The team produced a set of songs including "Io e te da soli" ("You and Me Alone"), "Insieme" ("Together"), "Amor mio" ("Love of Mine"), "Io vivrò senza te" ("I'll Live without You"),[41][58] "E penso a te" ("And I Think of You"). Baby was chosen as a contrast to her 178 cm height (5 ft 10 in) – exceptionally tall for an Italian woman – and Gate as a tribute to The Golden Gate Quartet. [7] Swingy and anti-melodic in her early years ("Tintarella di luna", 1959), her singing later acquired high dramatic tones. [31] The idea for the song "Love can grow at any moment at any place" had come to Paoli while lying on a bed and looking at the purple ceiling. Her second spouse was Virgilio Crocco, a journalist for Il Messaggero, in 1970. Mina signed a contract with the Barilla food label in 1965 and starred in ten pasta commercials by 1971, directed by Piero Gherardi and Valerio Zurlini among others. [41] She met her first boyfriend, a fullback for the U.S. Cremonesefootball club, at the swimming pool at her age of 16.[41]. A large part of her work has consisted of covering well-known songs; she has dedicated tribute albums to The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Renato Zero, Domenico Modugno, the Neapolitan song, and religious music. Muore Augusto Martelli, una vita in musica da Mina alla Tv. [57] Mogol and his fellow composer Lucio Battisti, along with the Premiata Forneria Marconi on back-up instrumentals, worked with Mina on several songs as a result of the success of "Non credere". ETICHETTA/LABEL: RIFI RECORDS. [12][38][39] Mina had six more singles on the German chart in the next two years. In 2010, Chicago band La Scala released a rock cover of her hit "Tu Farai" with Gretta Rochelle on vocals.[70]. [65] Her last appearance on TV was her performance of "Ancora ancora ancora". Ingiustamente, per la meravigliosa poesia di Alberto Testa e soprattutto per melodia e arrangiamento di Augusto Martelli, davvero sublimi, al livello di un Bacharach più malinconico Tagged Augusto Martelli , Mina Leave a comment The single was released in April 1972 and topped the Italian charts. Her first hit with the band featured Mina performed an extra-loud, syncopated version of the popular song "Nessuno" ("Nobody"), which she performed at the first rock festival in the Milan Ice Palace in February 1959. One of the first introductions of the new repertoire was the Senza Rete live televised concert from the Auditorio A in Naples on 20 January 1970. Arnoldo Mondadori 1997. [27][28][29] Performances of the song on the TV game shows Lascia o raddoppia? [11][46] More songs were composed exclusively for Mina and arranged for RAI's all-star orchestras for performance on the TV variety series Studio uno, Sabato sera, Canzonissima and Teatro 10. Due to Mina's refusal to hide the relationship, the singer was banned from performing on public Italian television or radio channels. F. Fratarcangeli, "Mina talk", Coniglio, 2005, p. 87. bugiardo più che mai...più incosciente che mai... quando tu mi spiavi in cima a un batticuore, Learn how and when to remove this template message, Grand Officer Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, Le più belle canzoni italiane interpretate da Mina. She listened to American rock and roll and jazz records and was a frequent visitor at the Santa Tecla and the Taverna Messicana clubs of Milan, both known for promoting rock and roll. [5] Mina dominated the country's charts for 15 years and reached an unsurpassed level of popularity. version acoustique avec un nouvel arrangement de Augusto Martelli la célèbre chanson Gino Paoli. 18. –) olasz énekesnő, műsorvezető, producer. The single "Alibi" (2007) reached #6 in Italy. [19] Their daughter Benedetta Mazzini was born on 11 November 1971. [67][68][69], Caught up in the wave of rock and roll sweeping across Italy in 1958, Mina listened to American records[21] and was a frequent visitor at the Derby Club,[70] the Santa Tecla, and the Taverna Messicana clubs of Milan, which promoted rock and roll music. [65], Her last appearance on TV was her performance of "Ancora ancora ancora". Mina's cover of "Don't call me baby (Can't take my eyes off you)" (2003) reached #4 in Italy. She turned to slow emotional love songs for the first time. augusto martelli dal vivo lp + due 45 giri + 4 lp mina Favourite Auctions To save auctions to your favourites, please login A reminder of her previous adolescent image, her single "Suna ni kieta namida" ("Tears Disappear in the Sand"), sung in Japanese, peaked at #1 on the Japanese singles chart and earned Mina the title of Best International Artist in Japan. Mina e Augusto Martelli 1969. Mina is a soprano with great agility[5] and a range of three octaves. "Mina ha conquistato dal vivo gli spagnoli" (In Italian). Her first single, "Non partir"/"Malatia", was produced under the stage name Mina for the Italian audience. [54] Mina's performance was typically characterised by expressive intensity, subtle variations, and original phrasing. I See The Sunlight Augusto Martelli & Josmary. based on Mina's songs was staged in Argentina, starring Elena Roger. After a few bars Mina grabbed the lyrics sheet and started to sing as if she had known the tune before. It should be noted that Turkish singer Ajda Pekkan, nicknamed superstar, covered more than a dozen of Mina songs. [31] The idea for the song "Love can grow at any moment at any place" had come to Paoli while lying on a bed and looking at the purple ceiling. The successes encouraged Enrico Riccardi to copy Battisti's style in Riccardi's composition "Fiume azzurro", which earned another place in the top 100 of annual record sales in Italy. [14], [3][4]The Alla ribalta 2 - Speciale per Mina television programme broadcast on 2 May 1964. It includes standards in Spanish, as well as Spanish covers of her originals. Mina is an album by Italian singer Mina released in 1971. Compositeurs : Augusto Martelli - Calabrese Giorgio. AUGUSTO RARITA'.... 45 giri. Later, the public called Mina the Queen of the Screamers. The single peaked at #7 on the Italian chart and was 53rd in the annual list of sales. [16][17] Her main themes are anguished love stories performed in high dramatic tones. Mina gave up public appearances in 1978 but has continued to release popular albums and musical projects on a yearly basis to the present day. [71][72], Mina introduced her new sensual manner[42] in her presentation of the ballad "Il cielo in una stanza" in 1960. Within a year, her affair with Corrado ended. [51] The concert was recorded and issued as Mina alla Bussola dal vivo. [45] In the same series she performed "Brava" ("Good"), a rhythmic jazz number specially written by Bruno Canfora to demonstrate the Mina's vocal range and performing skills. I See The Sunlight Augusto Martelli & Josmary. Less than a month after the breakup with her previous band, Mina co-founded a new group called Solitari, which consisted of a singer, a saxophonist, a pianist, a contrabassist, and a guitarist. Starting in 1989, all of her records included the jazzy piano playing of Danilo Rea. 2:52. Mina's growing interest in Brazilian music resulted in "La banda" ("The Band"), a Chico Buarque song, which reached #3 in Italy. RFL LP 14004. Birimbao / Indianapolis Augusto Martelli / Tihm. 1. [55] A selection of songs from the series were issued as the album Canzonissima '68.[54]. [20] Her first Italian #1 hit was the up-tempo "Tintarella di luna" ("Moon Tan") in September 1959, which was performed in her first musicarello (musical comedy film), Juke box – Urli d'amore. [62][63][64] Gianni Ferrio's Orchestra featured Gianni Basso on tenor saxophone and Oscar Valdambrini on trumpet.[63]. [88], Sample from the live performance of "La voce del silenzio" ("Silent Voices") from the eighth. [31] Three years later, her love affair with Corrado Pani challenged the moral foundations of Italy, a country where divorce was illegal and single motherhood was considered shameful. 16. Augusto Martelli covered Non pensare a me, Io per amore, El angel de la guarda, Ciao anni verdi and other songs. It was covered by numerous Italian and French duets. Augusto Martelli originally did Everything Happens to Me, I tuoi anni più belli, Io amo, tu ami, Mandolino mandolino and other songs. [32] The single topped the list of annual sales in Italy[9] and reached the Billboard Hot 100[11] as "This World We Love In". Aggiungimi al … The single peaked at #7 on the Italian chart and was 53rd in the annual list of sales. Augusto Martelli e la sua Orchestra In Rifi Black Label and rainbow March 1965 Laminated sleeve Barcode and Other Identifiers Matrix / Runout (Label Side A): RR 821/49; Matrix / Runout (Label Side B): RR 821/50; Matrix / Runout (Runout Side A Etched): RR 821/49 D.M. Her second spouse was Virgilio Crocco, a journalist for Il Messaggero , in 1970. "Se telefonando" was covered by several performers in Italy and abroad, most notably by Françoise Hardy[11] and Iva Zanicchi (1966), Delta V (2005), Vanessa and the O's (2007), and Neil Hannon (2008). She recorded the theme song "Fa presto, fa piano" ("Works Quickly, Works Quietly") for the film La sculacciata, issued in 1974. Storia di un mito by Nino Romano (Rusconi 1986), P. Belluso- F. Merkel, Unicamente Mina, Gammalibri 1983, p. 12, Marcello Bufacchi, Mina 1958–2005 Ancora insieme, Riuniti 2005, p. 13. The shows also included "Balada para mi muerte" ("Ode to My Death"), a nuevo tango duet with Ástor Piazzolla at the bandoneón, backed by the Argentinian group Conjunto 9. Canzonissima 1968. During the series, she explored different musical styles in the songs "Everything's Alright", "Mack the Knife", "Night and Day", and "Someday (You'll Want Me to Want You)". The triple CD The Platinum Collection reached #1 on the Italian charts. The singer combined classic Italian pop with elements of blues, R&B and soul music during the late 1960s,[18] especially when she worked in collaboration with the singer-songwriter Lucio Battisti. It was hosted by Mina, Walter Chiari and Paolo Panelli. based on Mina's songs was staged in Argentina, starring Elena Roger. He was known for composing the song Djamballà.It was the theme song of the 1971 movie Il dio serpente.Martelli was born in Genoa, Italy.. Martelli died in … 1968 : Mina alla Bussola dal vivo de Mina (PDU, PLD A 5002) basse; 1969 : Love and more Love de Puccio Roelens (Vedette Records, VPAS 871) basse; 1969 : L'orchestra di Augusto Martelli live de Augusto Martelli (PDU, PLD A 5008) basse; 1970: Quando tu mi spiavi in cima a un batticuore de Mina (PDU, PLD 5030) basse After that event, Mina's singles started to chart in Italy again. On 10 January 1964 she returned to the TV screen on the program La fiera dei sogni, and performed the song "Città vuota", a cover of Gene McDaniels' "It's a Lonely Town (Lonely Without You)", which was her first release on the RiFi label. Classical Music Library Biography, "I singoli più venduti del 1968 (Biggest-selling singles of 1968)", "Mina, auguri alla "più grande cantante bianca del mondo" che fece 'innamorare' Armstrong e De Andrè", "Pop diva Mina finds mystery songwriters", Song of the Day: La Scala ft. Gretta Rochelle, "Tu Farai" (Mina cover), "E Mamma Mina cestinò i complimenti dei Beatles", "Sotto i ferri in italia ma il chirurgo e negli usa". She obtained Swiss citizenship in 1989. TIDAL is the first global music streaming service with high fidelity sound, hi-def video quality, along with expertly curated playlists and original content — making it a trusted source for music and culture. [11], "Se telefonando" was presented in May 1966 in a Studio Uno episode and in August the same year at Aria condizionata. Augusto Martelli italienischer Komponist, Dirigent und Pianist. ...quando tu mi spiavi in cima a un batticuore... was seventh on the annual record chart of 1970. [8] The subsequent ban from performing on Italian TV and radio channels further developed Mina's image as an independent bad girl,[8][11] which she emphasized with her choice of song themes. Best 20 Songs of … The title of the song "Sono, come tu mi vuoi" ("I Am, as You Want Me to Be") was taken from Luigi Pirandello's play Come tu mi vuoi. Among them, ...bugiardo più che mai...più incosciente che mai... was Mina's first independent album to reach #1 of the weekly Italian charts and was the biggest selling album of 1969 in Italy. Her recordings of 1965 included the scatting performance of "Spirale Waltz", the theme song for the film The 10th Victim. "Mina ha conquistato la Germania", ("Mina has conquered Germany". The break in Mina's TV appearances lasted until 2001, when she released footage of her recording sessions. Mogol, Composer - Mina, MainArtist - Augusto Martelli, Arranger - Roberto Soffici, Composer - Ascri, Composer. In 1985, "Questione di feeling", a duet with Riccardo Cocciante, was the 13th biggest-selling single of the year in Italy and became an evergreen (as a hit song is called in Europe). Mina's great love of the late 1960s, with whom she had a relationship that lasted three years and almost led to marriage, was the composer Augusto Martelli. Find Augusto Martelli credit information on AllMusic AllMusic. Their son, Massimiliano Pani, was born on 18 April 1963. Their relationship shocked Italian audiences as he was already married although separated from his wife.

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